UWAL2149-2Counterculture:  (noun) coun·ter·cul·ture \ˈkan-tər-ˌkəl-chər\ a culture with values and customs that are very different from and usually opposed to those accepted by most of society; also : the people who make up a counterculture

I produce videos and podcasts reporting news and analysis in the sole pursuit of truth.  Independent of corporate influence and a political agenda, I think of my reports as an experiment in objectivity.  Considering that so much of today’s news reporting is either entirely omitted or spun to fit a particular world view, my hope is to present the facts in a manner that challenge the general trend of thought so we can unify under the truth rather than remain divided by ignorance and lies.  I believe this is possible because I hold true that the power of the individual is greater than that of the corporation.  If you would rather know the truth even if it costs you your beliefs and values than I invite you to join me in this bold experiment.