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Episode 6 of Counter Culture with Aaron Lujan


American Trust In Media Takes Sharp Turn

Ford Shipping Factory To Mexico

Mexico Wants Wall, On Southern Border

Obama Increases Refugees From Terrorist Nations

DHS Hides Damning Immigration Report That Would Help Trump

Clinton Discourages Third Party Voting

Former US Diplomat Warns Clinton Will Start Nuclear War

Bernie Sanders Is Peoples Top Pick To Replace Hillary

Trump Ties Clinton in Michigan, A Dem Stronghold Since 88

NASA Plans Passenger Planes To Exceed Speed of Sound

Amazon Founder Plans For Space Tourism

Self Driving Cars Will Eliminate 4.1M Jobs

Big Alcohol Bankrolls Fight Against Legal Pot

Missouri Bucks Governor, Loosens Gun & Voting Laws

13 Year Old Shot By Police, Looming Race Controversy

Robot Disarms Suspect In Standoff

Marijuana Breathalyzer Introduced

Organic Industry Proposes Labeling of Meat

TV Ad Encourages German Women To Wear Hijabs

Rare Lunar Eclipse Tonight

Deutsche Bank AG Fined 14 Billion In US Probe

Former US Treasury Secretary Warns Banks Riskier Than 2008

Obama Gathers Advisers Amid Unease Over Syria

Report Reveals US Aid Funds Taliban in Afghanistan

Fed Report – Amend Laws So Gay Rights Trump Faith





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